Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

About me

What is a Tour Guide?
The licensed tour guide is a professional who interprets the cultural, historical, natural and gastronomic heritage of an area and who holds a specific qualification issued and recognized by the competent authorities.
In France, this accreditation is obtained after a minimum of three years of higher education in the field of the profession (languages, tourism, history, art history, archeology...). The accreditation is issued by the French Department of Culture through the prefectures.
Consult the existing licensing models in Europe to avoid encountering pirate or amateur guides. amateurs.
Why don't you offer "Free Tours"?
Because the tour guide job can't be improvised. In addition to the corresponding license, it requires years of studies, general and specific knowledge, a lot of energy, passion, great abilities, flexibility, adaptability and a lot of enthusiasm. As any other profession, it deserves to be remunerated with dignity.
The misnamed "free" tours, based on misleading advertising, contribute to professional intrusion and tax evasion. They give a wrong image of the destination, due to the invented or incorrect information that they transmit to the visitors, for which the client pays as much or more than if it were with an authorized tour.


How do I make a reservation?
Send an e-mail to or use the contact form.
Do I have to leave a deposit to book?
In case you have to leave a deposit, it will be indicated after your request.
As a general rule, a deposit must be paid (20% for one-time services; 50% in case of multi-day services).
In case of voluntary cancellation by the client, the deposit is forfeited in accordance with article L214-1 of the French Consumer Code. The guide reserves the right to issue a voucher redeemable for future services.
May I join your visits?
No, unfortunately, all my tours are private, tailor-made for each client. I can arrange a tour for you and yours.
Which payment methods do you accept?
Payment must be made in euros (€):
- In cash, delivered to the Guide before the beginning of the service;
- By bank transfer, 2 weeks prior to the service at the latest;
- Payment by check or credit card is not accepted.

About the services

Is tax included in the rate?
The prices shown on this website are indicative and change depending on the duration of the tour and the place where they take place. However, prices include taxes.
European and non-European businesses are invoiced on the basis of the price excluding tax, in accordance with the European directive 2008/8/EC and French tax legislation. European companies will have to declare the purchase and pay the corresponding VAT rate to the tax administration of their country (reverse charge system).
What languages are the tours offered in?
Most tours are offered in French, English, Spanish and Catalan. Do not forget to indicate the desired language in your reservation.
Is transportation included in the tours?
No. The transportation service is an additional service and you will have to book it yourself. The guide can recommend collaborating companies.
For excursions, you have the possibility of :
- hiring a private driver, the price of which varies between 250 euros (half day) and 400 euros (full day);
- rent a vehicle with a maximum of 9 seats for your guide to accompany you;
- book a minibus/coach with driver if the group exceeds 8 participants.
Can tours take place inside museums or monuments?
I can conduct tours inside museums and monuments, as I have the relevant accreditation issued by the French Department of Culture. However, some museums or monuments some museums or monuments may require the tour to be conducted by one of their cultural mediators or guides.
Tour inside the Strasbourg Notre-Dame Cathedral
Tours inside the cathedral can only be taken by authorized guides approved by the Cathedral's Board of Trustees. All groups, no matter the size, must be equipped with a transceiver system (audiophones) to listen to the guide's explanation in order to preserve silence in the church. Audiophones can be rented per hour at Batorama (18 place de la Cathédrale, Strasbourg) or on its webshop.
Guided tours must be booked in advance. Free admission.

Inside the church, visitors must respect the rules in force:
- on Sunday mornings, or on feast days, when Masses are celebrated, tours are not possible;
- do not speak loudly, but whisper;
- groups must not stop (neither in the aisles nor on the chairs): they must move forward slowly and without causing a traffic jam;
- the gentlemen uncover their heads;
- all speak in a low voice;
- do not use the telephone. Phones are put on "silent mode" - not on vibrate mode;
- do not eat or drink;
- no smoking;
- No pets of any kind are allowed;
- No bicycles, scooters or other wheeled devices are allowed in the Cathedral;
- No luggage, suitcases or backpacks for travel or hiking are allowed in the Cathedral.
Tour inside the Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle
Tours inside the castle can only be conducted by certified guides approved by the French Department of Culture or by employees made available by the castle. Groups must book a time slot in advance by sending a message to:
Ideally, groups should be composed of a maximum of 20 participants, for reasons of comfort, 30 being the authorized limit. The rooms of the castle, being small and narrow, do not allow welcoming larger groups. Please note that during the tour, other individual visitors and groups may wander through the rooms of the monument.
Guided tours must be booked in advance. Admission fees to be paid to the castle's visitors service.
Tour inside the European Parliament in Strasbourg
Tours inside the Parliament can only be conducted by guides accredited by the European Parliament or by employees made available by the institution. Tours can only take place outside of plenary session period. Opening hours are Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and Saturday with a break between 12:00 and 1:00 p.m.
DE LA TORRE Tours & Excursions offers guided tours of the interior of the parliament as a complement to another booked tour taking place the same day. Guided tours must be booked in advance. Free admission.
How many participants per group?
Guided walking tours are planned for a maximum of 30 people for reasons of listening comfort.
This limit may be exceeded, up to a maximum of 40 participants, if :
- the tour is conducted in a microphone-equipped vehicle; the Guide will not drive the vehicle in any case.
- the group is equipped with a transceiver system to listen to the Guide's comments.
The number of participants may be less than the number indicated depending on the place, site or monument visited.
Where do the tours start?
The guided tours start wherever you decide, as long as the chosen place is easily accessible for the guide. If not, an alternative will be proposed to you.
The prices indicated on this website are calculated for tours with departure and arrival in Strasbourg or Kehl (Germany). If the tour starts at another location, guide travel surcharges may apply and will be indicated in the quotation.
Is the guide's lunch included in the price?
No. You must count the guide as one more person in the group (in the case of full day tours). In case you do not want to include the guide in the group meal, a supplement will be invoiced, an extra charge that will be specified in the quotation.
Am I protected during a tour?
The services rendered by Mr. Ivan CECILIA DE LA TORRE are covered by the Professional Multi-Risk Insurance policy taken out with MAAF Assurances S.A. - Chauray, 79036 NIORT Cedex 09. Coverage: International. Any accident caused by an agent external to the guide will not be the responsibility of the guide (flowerpot falling from a window, client putting his foot in a hole...).