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In Strasbourg

Private tour of the Old Town of Strasbourg in English

The must-sees of Strasbourg

Discover Strasbourg's rich heritage, its cathedral, its beautiful half-timbered houses in Petite France, its main squares and churches and understand the issues that Strasbourg had to face.

 Duration  1:30-3:00 hrs
 Businesses  from €164 / group.
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Private tour of the Strasbourg Cathedral in English

Notre-Dame Cathedral

Enter this jewel of medieval art to discover its treasures, such as the astronomical clock or its colorful stained-glass windows, and decode its statues with the help of your guide. 

 Duration 1:00-1:30 hrs
 Businesses  from €139 / group.
 Individuals get in touch 
Private tour of the German District in Strasbourg in English

German District or Neustadt

Step back in time to the end of the 19th century and discover a district rich in history, listed by UNESCO in 2017, often nicknamed "Little Berlin" because of its German architecture.

 Duration 2:00 hrs
 Businesses  from €189 / group.
 Individuals get in touch 

Tour panoramique en autocar de Strasbourg en français avec guide agréé

Panoramic bus tour

You can combine your visit to the essentials of Strasbourg with a panoramic tour to explore the city's contemporary neighborhoods, in the comfort of your coach.

 Duration  1:00 hrs
 Businesses  from €139 / group.
 Individuals get in touch 
Private tour of the European District of Strasbourg in English

European District

Strasbourg is home to some twenty European institutions, including the Council of Europe, the European Court of Human Rights and the European Parliament. Learn more about them!

 Duration 1:30-3:00 hrs
 Businesses  from €164 / group.
 Individuals get in touch 
Private Tour of the European Parliament in Strasbourg in English

European Parliament

It is often underestimated. However, the decisions taken in this chamber affect the lives of over 440 million European citizens. Learn more about its role and the EU. Free admission.

 Duration 1:00 hrs approx.

Tour available only

as a complement to another tour

Elsewhere in Alsace

Visite privée de Colmar avec un guide-conférencier agréé

The must-sees of Colmar

The birthplace of the architect of the Statue of Liberty and the capital of Alsace wines, it seems like something out of a fairy tale, but it's worth more than a photo.

 Duration 1:30-2:00 hrs
 Businesses  from €164 / group.
 Individuals get in touch 
Visite guidée du Château du Haut-Koenigsbourg en français


Most of the Alsatian castles are in ruins, except the Haut-Koenigsbourg, restored in the 20th century and transformed into a museum to celebrate the German past.

 Duration 1:30 hrs
 Businesses  from €164 / group.
 Individuals get in touch 
Excursion sur la route des vins d'Alsace en français

Alsace Wine Route

This route goes through Alsace for 105 miles and is full of charming villages such as Riquewihr, Kaysersberg or Eguisheim, some of which have seen their beauty rewarded

 Duration 4:00-9:00 hrs
 Businesses  from €315 / group.
 Individuals get in touch 

Near Alsace

Tour del centro histórico de Baden-Baden en español

Baden-Baden (Germany)

This city attracted and ruined many celebrities from all over the world and has become the epicenter of luxury in the Black Forest

 Duration 1:30 hrs
 Businesses  from €164 / group.
 Individuals get in touch 
Tour del centro histórico de Friburgo en español

Freiburg (Germany)

Located at the southern gateway to the Black Forest, this university town has retained its medieval character despite the damages of war.

 Duration 1:30 hrs
 Businesses  from €189 / group.
 Individuals get in touch 
Tour del centro histórico de Basilea en español

Basel (Switzerland)

Stroll through the streets of the cultural capital of Switzerland and discover this city at the crossroads of three countries.

 Duration 1:30 hrs
 Businesses  from €239 / group.
 Individuals get in touch 

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