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In my commitment to provide exceptional experiences, I hold my customers' reviews in high regard. Your feedback serves as the compass that guides my path, and I am proud to share some of your testimonials. Discover what those who have trusted me to explore Alsace and embark on an unforgettable journey have to say.

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 Molly (March 2024)

Ivan was a great tour guide! He was very informational and personal about the whole experience. I would highly recommend him for anyone else who would love to take a long walk through the city.

 Jennifer (March 2024)

Ivan was AMAZING!! Great tempo, high energy, fun and engaging!

 José Manuel (March 2024)

Ivan is an excellent tour guide. Highly recommended.

 María Julia (March 2024)

Ivan has been an excellent guide who has made us spend unforgettable days in Alsace. A good professional, entertaining, very well-informed, etc. Thank you, Ivan.

 Pilar (March 2024)

We were a group of 17 people. We did three guided tours with Ivan, and they were unbeatable. Magnificent professional, extensive knowledge, very entertaining, with a sense of humor and infinite patience. Always anticipating our desires. Totally recommendable.

 Blas (March 2024)

Ivan was an excellent guide. Empathetic, very professional, knowledgeable, and skilled in managing time and the group. Additionally, friendly and fun. Thank you, Ivan.

 Michel (August 2023)

It was a magnificent tour. We understood the Cathedral in its historical context thanks to Mr. Ivan de la Torre.

 Catherine (October 2022)

This guide is fantastic, what enthusiasm and what a well of knowledge! A very interesting tour to get to know the city and the cathedral. After that, it's up to you to continue exploring Strasbourg, but he will have ignited your curiosity.

 Carolina (March 2022)

We want to thank you for your incredible tours. They were two wonderful days, filled with insights and amazing moments. My family and I are very grateful for all the information, patience, sense of humor, and knowledge you shared. Once again, thank you very much!!!!

 María del Carmen (November 2022)

Very enjoyable, 100% recommended.

 Myriam (October 2021)

Our group greatly enjoyed discovering Strasbourg alongside Ivan. He is a very knowledgeable and cheerful guide. It was a real pleasure. We will not hesitate to use his services on our next visit. I highly recommend him.

 Fabián (October 2021)

Ivan is an excellent guide. We thoroughly enjoyed the tour he gave us in the old town of Strasbourg, as well as the second tour in the German quarter. Ivan is very well-prepared and very pleasant. Without hesitation, I would recommend this tour to anyone looking to enjoy Strasbourg. Moreover, the value for money is excellent.

 Carmen (September 2021)

He makes the trip enjoyable; he is a professional and a wonderful person who helped us with everything. An excellent and highly knowledgeable guide. Incomparable.

 Dolores (September 2021)

Ivan is exceptional: for his professionalism, knowledge, organization, friendliness, and patience. Alsace is a beautiful destination, but Ivan has turned it into a cultural destination by involving us in its history with accessible, entertaining, and impeccable knowledge. Highly recommended.

 Gaby (August 2021)

Ivan is a very kind person with a great knowledge of the subject. He tells the history like a story, which is very interesting for both children and adults. My family and I greatly enjoyed the tour of Strasbourg. An additional advantage is that he speaks Spanish, which is rare in France. Thank you, Ivan. I will recommend your service to all my friends who plan to visit Alsace. It was a pleasure to meet you.

 Pierre Dupuis (September 2019)

Very satisfied with Mr. De La Torre's services during a 3-hour guided tour of Strasbourg. We learned a lot and had a great time!

 Fadia (January 2019)

Top-notch guide! Ivan taught us many aspects of Strasbourg's history, as well as Colmar, and even Riquewihr holds no secrets for him! It was very pleasant to discover Alsace in his company. The group greatly enjoyed it! :)

 Clemmy (January 2019)

Visiting Strasbourg and the wine tour with Ivan is a must-do ! We learned a lot about the city history, architecture, traditions, gastronomy, wines... He is an amazing guide, I highly recommend !

 Sabrina (November 2018)

We did the Old town Strasbourg tour with Ivan, and it was very good, he was attentive with our questions, very friendly, super recommended.

 Françoise (September 2018)

Very enjoyable tour. We appreciated the style of our guide; humor without compromising the explanations; in-depth knowledge of the subject.

 Graham (septembre 2018)

We were fortunate to have as our guide in Strasbourg, Ivan De La Torre. He was knowledgeable, amusing and provided interesting commentary about the old city as well as Strasbourg’s role in the EU administration.

It was clear he thoroughly enjoyed sharing his passion for Strasbourg, it’s history, architecture and people. We had just finished a Rhine river cruise and this was the perfect finale.

 Jean-Paul (September 2018)

A highly successful private tour of Strasbourg, the cathedral, and the old town under the guidance of Ivan with relevant and comprehensive commentary. An excellent guide who doesn't watch the clock...

 Brigitte (November 2017)

Great tour, passionate guide, we rediscover the history, strategic places, and buildings of the city; I don't think I'll look at Strasbourg the same way again!

 Louise (November 2017)

Excellent tour with a very friendly guide who knows a lot about Strasbourg and its history! We don't just stick to the tourist areas, and we learn about the city's evolution over the centuries. Thanks for this morning!